The Shopping Guide that will save you money # Dress For Less Edition

In this guide I am going to talk about 2nd hand shopping. I think shopping 2nd hand is a great way to try out the current trends and get an idea of which trend feels right for you. Trends or fads are usually something that comes around quite quickly and leaves just as fast. That is exactly why it can feel a little pointless to invest a ton of money into something you don't know if you will still love in 6 months. On top of that, buying 2nd hand also means that you won't be adding to the massive piles of waste that this fast industry unfortunately is partaking in. Buying 2nd hand you are simply extending the life cycle of goods that have already been produced, and that does not only feel good for your wallet but also for your fashionista conscious. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure! :D

Of course there is a secret to this though, because we don't actually want to end up with a bunch of trash in our wardrobe, so going 2nd hand shopping with a clear mind is crucial! That is why I am going to share my top 4 tips in hopes that it will provide some kind of guided experience - and please feel free to share all your tricks to a succesful trip to the thrift in the comments below!

So - before I go, here are the steps I like to take so that I enter the thrift with a clear visual of what I am looking for. 

1. I go through pinterest,, fashion magazines, blogs etc. Where ever I get my daily input of fashion from and I create a visual idea of not only what the trends I see are but also what my cravings are leaning towards.

2. I go through my wardrobe to get a good understanding of what it is lacking compared to the trends I just narrowed down in step number one. Do I have a good denim jacket? How about a nice hoodie? Seems like there are a lot of prints going on, do I want to try that out?

3. I know that denim is a material that ages really well, so I will go though my jeans and get rid of the ones that are too worn down and just can't carry on with me anymore, even though parting with your favorite pair of jeans can be a heart wrecking experience. After I have gone though my mourning phase I then know which wash and which style of denim jeans to look for at the thrift - because lets face it - jeans will never not be in style! 

4. The final step is to make a list based on the 3 steps above, and this list becomes my shopping list. This is what I will be looking for, and this list will be there to help me keep focus. Because loosing your focus once you are there is too easy! There are so many styles, so many colors so if you go without a clear and concise list 1 of 2 outcomes will happen. You either leave with nothing because you didn't really see anything you liked, or you leave with a whole bunch of trash that you later will give back to Goodwill because you got too excited about everything being so low priced.

Below I have listed 4 trends I recently went shopping for - and furthermore how much each of my outfits ended up costing me. 

The Midi Dress Trend

My Version of The Trend

Dress: $2                                     Dress: $2

The Grand Dad Trend

My Version of The Trend

Blazer: $1.50, Guess Jeans $2, Belt $2 .         

Coat: 0.50$, Orange cashmere crew neck $2

The Denim Trend

My Version of The Trend

Jeans: $1.50, Flounce top: $2, Denim Jacket: $2

Guess Jeans: $2, Denim Jacket: $2, Denim shirt: $0.50

The Red-To-Toe Trend:

My Version of The Trend

Blazer: $1.50                                       Silk slip dress: $2