This look is one of my favorite looks. A suit is timeless, it will make you look spectacular with minimal effort, its versatile both in the way it can be styled but most importantly in the occasions it can be worn. Pair it like I did with some sneakers and you look casual, cool and collected. Change it up with some heeled strap sandals and you look sexy and fab. Wear a turtleneck under and pointed toe stilettos, all of a sudden you look professional and stylish. The possibilities are endless. I completely forgot I had it, but I am so glad I found it. 

So here is the strange thing - even though a suit like this it such a staple that every women should own, when I started my search to try and discover some similar options I could link for you guys, I realized that finding one on the high street was very difficult. Designers do these every season, and they come in multiple wonderful styles. But designer is not always where you want to spend your money, and thats how I came to discover that the high street needs to up their game in order to give their women something as classic as this. I did my very best to find options for you all, and linked below are what I could find. If there is nothing there that speaks to you my final advice would be to go to you local vintage or thrift shop - you might even end up spending half the money you planned on there.

Suit up

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