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It's been about 4 months since I last posted, and to be honest - I had a hard time figuring out what the meaning behind this blog was. I am a designer, and my site is about my work - thats how I want it to be. On top of that I love all things fashion, with a burning heart. My initial idea was that my blog would be an outlet for that. But as I went on I felt like what I was doing took me away from what I really am - a designer. I want this blog to be an extension of that, not just another fashion blog, because the world has enough amazing fashion influencers out there. This 4 months break has given me some distance to look at myself and my work to now give it a go at re-routing. My goal is that this blog becomes an extension of my work. As a designer I am passionate about creating clothes for women that builds confidence and empowers. On top of that I am passionate about doing things the right way - working with people responsibly, doing mine to see that we treat this planet well, being conscious of the impact I leave on the earth and on the people I encounter everywhere I go. I will try to let this come across here, in my little fashion world without sacrificing aesthetic expression. I will show you how I build a wardrobe sustainably, I will show you how I work in my studio space, and then I will show you what inspires me in hopes that I can inspire you too. 

So - in order to start this new chapter of this space, let me do a recap of what has happened since I left of, because it has been a great and eventful spring and summer :)

First of, we went to Mexico - more accurately, Cabo San Lucas. Ive never been to Mexico, and it has most certainly been a while since I saw the Pacific Ocean in its full majestic power.


It was such a gorgeous experience, we got to lean back and completely relax. We saw whales breaking through the ocean right outside our hotel room, we met Pancho, the local Sea Lion and all of his friends in the harbor, we drove ATV's through the dessert and down to the beach, we had plenty and plenty of margaritas and fresh caught fish every night. I grew up by the ocean and has never until now, after living in-land for the past 2 years, realized how much I took that for granted and how much I miss the ocean being in proximity. 


After we got back from Mexico, it was 5 de Mayo, which is celebrated with great vigor in the Dallas area, i'm assuming all over Texas :)


We celebrated and continued in our Mexican vibe with margaritas and tacos, this time with an American flair to it! 

Then I was invited to Philadelphia for a job interview. Ive been to New York, but never Philly, and I was excited to have the opportunity to fly up there and explore the city. I visited Benjamin Franklins grave, I saw where the constitution was signed and I really got a feel for the history this city, one of the oldest in the US, has.


Coming back from Philly it was time to celebrate mine and Bens birthdays. We did that by throwing a pool party at our house, the first time we have actually hosted anything since moving over here. The weekend after we joined another pool party birthday bash - happy birthday to Sam!

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.20.38 AM.png

Work took priority for a while and one weekend we decided it was time for a little get away. We drove up to Arkansas, about a 5 hour drive, to visit Hot Springs. A town that had its golden age in the 1920's when they discovered hot water coming out of the ground. People came from all over to experience the mineral water, and they built a series of spa's for people to enjoy. The great thing about this trip was that we got to travel with our best buddy - Hudson!


We also visited this super special church, in the middle of the forrest, purely built from wood and glass. Once inside it felt like you were still in nature, which was truly a special experience.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.20.31 AM.png

Then it was time for the most chaotic and messy travel in a long long time. We went to England to participate in this beautiful wedding. It was just a long weekend trip so we didn't have a lot of time. Both of us went straight from work to the airport, got there in good time, enough time for us to have dinner and some drinks - we were both really excited for this trip!

Michiladas in the airport - happy and unknowing of the trip that was to come.

Michiladas in the airport - happy and unknowing of the trip that was to come.

We boarded our plane to Philly, drove onto the tarmac ready to take off, when the pilot tells us something was wrong with the plane. We went back to the gate and so much time with not knowing what was going on meant that we missed our connection in Philly. We got re-routed to Las Vegas (3 hours west) to then fly into London with no connection to Manchester (which had been our original final destination). We decided to go by train up north, having lost our trust in air travel, when we realized our luggage hadn't made it to London, it was still in Vegas.......

Tired on the train - our last stretch, more then 12 hours delayed, with no luggage. 

Tired on the train - our last stretch, more then 12 hours delayed, with no luggage. 

After missing first train in to London, thereby missing the train up north, we finally arrived - and it was such a great feeling to see everyone after a long long trip. We celebrated all weekend, me in a thrifted dress that cost me 4 pounds, since I had nothing else to wear. It was an amazing wedding full of gorgeous people and we couldn't have asked for a better end to a horrible beginning. 

Of course all our flights were delayed and rebooked coming back home again, but I have nothing more to say about that!


Back home in Dallas it was not only Americas birthday, but more importantly - it was Hudsons 2 year birthday! 


I dressed up in my kinda version of red, blue and white, showing some respect to the country I am a visitor in :)

Now - approaching more recently - I went back home, to my dear Denmark, and all my loved ones. I spent a way to short week there and it was amazing. It's been the best summer it has been in years there, and I got to experience that with blue skies and perfect temperatures every single day! 

Decided to travel with some hand luggage this time around, just in case ;)

Decided to travel with some hand luggage this time around, just in case ;)

ACS_0087 2.JPG

Now I am back in Dallas, working on SS19 with Ferrah and a lot of new exciting projects. And oh yeah - I decided to cut my hair short...

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