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Lea Nyland is a Scandinavian designer specializing in women's fashion. She has lived and worked all over the world counting Denmark, Norway, Spain and Turkey. Currently she is based in Dallas, Texas and the pictures below showcase some of her work with the Dallas based, sustainably conscious luxury brand - Ferrah. 

Photography courtesy of Ferrah shot by Marshall David, published in Canadian Flanelle Magazine.




Her aesthetic expression is best described as creative speculation united with her Scandinavian heritage of modern and functional. In her creations for Lea Nyland Studio she leans towards contemporary modernity evoking curiosity by playing inventively with the female silhouette and volume. Her passion and drive when designing is to empower women through comfort and style.



Lea Nyland is a unique and compelling international designer with an enterprising spirit. Demonstrating her skill set in both prêt-á-porter and fast fashion, she gleans design experience from her roots in Denmark to Spain, Turkey and most recently in the United States co-managing a grassroots level start-up in Dallas, Ferrah.


Her ability to understand brand identity and aesthetic expression makes her a versatile designer combining her personal aesthetic always creating innovative and fashion forward styles with which ever design brief she is given. 


"Sometimes the now can feel so oversaturated that there is a calmness looking to the past."